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GunaPhoresis - Collagen Mesotherapy

GUNA MD-TISSUE is a basic therapy that can be applied as either collagen mesotherapy (a needle procedure) or via the GUNAPHORESIS device. This physiotherapy device facilitates the transdermal delivery of GUNA MDs.

GunaPhoresis uses magnetic fields and biophotonic radiation from GUNA for transcutaneous (intra-dermal) delivery of active ingredients. The device utilizes a special low-frequency (< 100Hz) and low-intensity (<100 Gauss) magnetic field generator, capable of increasing cell membrane permeability. This process directly and physiologically stimulates neocollagenesis, enhances the effect, and ensures the longevity of results from aesthetic procedures. The collagen from GUNA MD-Tissue is recognized by the tissues as "non-foreign".

GUNA MD-TISSUE is specifically applied to reduce wrinkles as it physiologically strengthens the collagen structures in the skin. This improves facial contours and restores a radiant and youthful appearance.

GUNA MD-MATRIX enhances microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, making it useful in aesthetic medicine for treating cellulite, under-eye bags, double chin, and more.

What is the effect of GUNA MD-Tissue on native collagen?

  • Changes the physiological conditions in the extracellular matrix (ECM) leading to protease activation or activation of cellular functions.
  • Enhances cellular energy processes.
  • Has stimulating and antioxidant effects on connective tissue and collagen metabolism.
  • Inhibits the destruction of native collagen.
  • Enhanced collagen synthesis leads to the strengthening of vascular walls, reducing capillary fragility and permeability.

What are the effects of GUNA MD-Tissue collagen mesotherapy?

  • Naturally restores and maintains youthful skin.
  • Acts as a barrier to free radicals.
  • Slows aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Shortens the regeneration period in the dermis.

What are the benefits of using GUNA MD-Tissue with the GUNAPHORESIS device?

  • Great depth of penetration.
  • High absorption rate of the product.
  • No discomfort and no risk of skin burns - no electrical current passes through the tissues.
  • Saves the patient from needle pricks.
  • Can start with 1-2 injection procedures using GUNA MD-Tissue needle mesotherapy and continue with GUNAPHORESIS.

    Procedures vary between 5-10 sessions depending on the individual needs of the patient.

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